About WWI & WWII Re-Creations

Kentwell's WWI events started in 2014, to commemorate Britain's entry into the Great War. A small band of our volunteers brought 1914 to Kentwell, representing the Aird Family (who were Kentwell's tenants at the time), their staff and visitors. Recruiting Officers from The Suffolk Regiment and the Red Cross set out their stalls, while those 'in the know' received letters and telegrams from London with updates on developments. The years portrayed at future WWI events will advance, year by year, throughout the Great War - a interesting piece of real Living History, with characters (and knowledge) growing as the years, and the War, move forward.

Kentwell had a major role during WWII when Hall and Park were requisitioned by the Army.
Our Re-Creation of WWII life is now included as an element of our Kentwell Through The Ages event, which happens over the late May Bank Holiday weekend, and subsequent days. We attempt to re-create as faithfully as possible civilian life based in the early years of WWII, and the effect the War had upon daily life on the Home Front.

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