The arrival of summer with the patter of tiny feet

Summer is finally arriving at Kentwell. I write this with glorious sunshine streaming through the window and the bright blue sky against Kentwell's mellow red bricks makes a perfect juxtaposition of colours.

Outside, with the church behind them, are our Longhorn cattle slowly chewing the cud in buttercupped fields. A picture of rural peace. The grass is now starting to grow around them but it will be a late haying this year.

Tiny feet on the farm

On the farm, the patter of tiny feet can be heard all around, as well as the odd crash as the piglets exploring the farmyard knock over the feedbins! The lambs are now all old enough to form a small gang racing round the fields in excitement and jumping off logs. The chicks are exploring after spending most of their short lives hiding under their mother from the rain and goslings are wandering around the front lawns.

A verdant garden

The garden is alive with the colour green in all its variations, with the delicate fresh green of new leaves dappling in the sun. The cow parsley has grown with all the rain we've had providing a riot of dancing white heads in any slight breeze. The rhubarb is almost waist height and we are loving picking asparagus each day for the freshest of suppers. Other fruit and vegetables are slowly on their way. Flowers are arriving, we still have some apple blossom out and they are being joined by pulmonary, pennyroyal and lilies.

Busy times ahead

After what seems like an endless hibernation over winter, now is the time that Kentwell starts getting really busy and activities abound. We celebrate wool in all its forms this weekend. From the shearing of our sheep to all the stages it goes through until it is cloth. Then hard on its heels is the Jubilee weekend where we will have a good old 1940s fete, tea-dance and streetparty. Shortly after that our huge Tudor Kentwell event starts, with around 250 Tudors living and breathing Tudor England with all its associated activities. This year we will be going back to 1556 and will have special events happening each weekend throughout the duration.

Anglian Business Green 100

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