The Pied Pipers of Kentwell

Pied Piper Topiary Kentwell Hall.jpg

Joining Judith's spectacular Pied Piper topiary in the garden - a must-see for garden lovers, three new rat catchers.


The mother and daughters are getting used to their new accommodation before they take to the manor and earn their keep! If you look very closely at the topiary, you will spot a little dog; perhaps a cat or two will join the yew hedge one day.

The three new members of the team were adopted from SESAW, a local animal welfare charity based in Leavenheath. For more information about SESAW and the animals they rescue, click here to visit their website.

The cats are a little shy at the moment, but we'll keep them indoors until they are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of life at Kentwell. With only a week until our Festive Easter celebrations, it's not long until their first glimpse of Tudor life on the Manor. We promise to keep them safe from the Tudors - they weren't known for their love of cats!

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