Scare Actors Required

Scare Actors Required

Can You Put the 'Scare' into Scaresville? Scare Actors Required!

Who would ever want to become a Scarer at a Scare Attraction?

Scare Attractions are becoming one of the UKʼs growth Entertainment Venues. Its another import from the USA but, as often is the case, the UK does it in its own way.

One of the biggest Scare Attractions in Suffolk (indeed in East Anglia) is Scaresville at Kentwell Hall, the moated Tudor Mansion in Long Melford.
Kentwell (rather its owners Patrick & Judith Phillips) have been responsible for many innovations in how they show their Historic House and Scaresville is one such and now in its 8th year. It uses not the House but all its numerous outbuildings, gardens, grounds, farm, woods and moats.

Before asking who would want to scare, the question must be who wants to be scared? Patrick Phillips replies “The answer is surprising: women and girls and above all young men especially. Its an experience which so many seek that is stimulating and fun - and harmless.”

He added, “Fun to be scared and even greater fun to see your relatives, friends or workmates being scared.”

If its fun to be scared (and Kentwell is expecting some 25,000 to enjoy Scaresville over 22 nights in October), whatʼs the fun in scaring?

Patrick Phillips again, “Scaring produces just as much of an adrenaline rush as being scared. Making use of the unexpected in a range of different situations, the scarer is a performer. Like any actor getting a good audience response is essential or like a comedian needing others to laugh at his jokes the scarerʼs positive response is a good reaction: when a group jumps out of their collective skins or tries to climb up the wall or run away in apparent terror.”

Hidden in costume and behind a mask (especially if its a clown mask) it is surprising how some mouselike folk can become lions as scarers.

Patrick Phillips, “People ultimately resolve themselves into one of two groups. Those who like to scare and those who like to be be scared.”

Into which group do you fall?

Is Patrick Phillips himself a scarer? Yes, but only in the sense that he now designs scares.

As with everything at Kentwell those who become scarers join an exciting community of like folk.

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