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Tudor Schools Event 2015

Kentwell Tudor School Visit 2015 copy.jpg.

Booking for our Summer 2015 Tudor Schools event is now open!

A visit to Kentwell fits seamlessly into the New National Curriculum. In 2015, 'Kentwell 1588' will focus on daily life when the England of Queen Elizabeth I was under threat by the Spanish Armada.

Kentwell's Re-creations are a unique school visit. They offer a scale and depth unmatched anywhere, giving total immersion in the sights, sounds and smells of the 16th Century. A visit to Tudor Kentwell brings history to a life in a way that cannot be matched in the classroom.

For more information, please click here to visit our Schools Website, or call 01787 310207.

The first weekend of screams...


Kentwell has been transformed from Tudor Manor to terrifying nighttime haunt! With the first weekend nearly complete, here's what some of our brave victims had to say:

@SomeblokeJust: @Scaresville awesome night loved every min. Well worth the money.

@ladybankstein: What better way to spend your Friday night then being scared senseless @Scaresville

@Amy_Dobrucki: Epic #scaresville this year @KentwellHall I feel like I have done a full body work out from all the screaming and sprinting...

@zombiegeekgirl: @Scaresville What an awesome night. I've never screamed or laughed so much in my life. I can't wait to come back for more scares next year.

@Kinshipwithall: Brilliant night @Scaresville Haven't had so much fun in ages, screamed and laughed so much I ached!...and yes, hav2 admit I got scared :o/

Excellent work from our elite Scream Team! [ If you are brave enough to all the haunted grounds, visit the Scaresville website...]

13 Piglets - Unlucky for some!

Salt & Pepper farrowed a mighty litter of 13 piglets last night! Clearly she's got the Scaresville bug following our (Un)Lucky 13 competition!

Kentwell Hall Piglets.jpeg

The piglets will be on show during our Tudor Michaelmas weekend (Sat 27th & Sun 28th September, when you can also meet our equally adorable Tudors!

13 Piglets - Unlucky for some!

Salt & Pepper farrowed a mighty litter of 13 piglets last night! Clearly she's got the Scaresville bug following our (Un)Lucky 13 competition!

Kentwell Hall Piglets.jpeg

The piglets will be on show during our Tudor Michaelmas weekend (Sat 27th & Sun 28th September, when you can also meet our equally adorable Tudors!

The Return of the Haunted Village...


It's that time of year again! Preparations for Scaresville 2014 are in full swing as our Scream Team conjure up ever more imaginative ways to scare our willing victims. This year, Scaresville will be bigger, badder and scarier than ever before - definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Doesn't sound like your cup of tea? Join the Scream Team and have twice the fun scaring from the safety of the other side! We are recruiting Scarers as well as our Scream Support Team with varied roles available from costumes and make-up to sound and lighting. Visit the Scream Team web page for more information. Remember, scaring is caring...!

The Eve of War, WWI Centenary Event

This weekend, Kentwell Hall is holding a special WWI Centenary Event. The Eve of War explores domestic country house life in 1914 as Britain prepared to enter the Great War.

We know that by August 1914 there were troops camping in the Park and officers staying at the House as the guests of Sir John Aird. The Eve of War is a small re-creation, but a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Edwardian life as you meet and interact with our participants re-creating life and work on the Manor in 1914. The re-creation is included in our normal House Opening ticket price.

Soldiers camped at Kentwell Hall WWI.jpgKentwell Hall Avenue 1914.JPG

Mindful Walking Meditation

Mindful Walking Meditations Kentwell Hall.png

Mindful Meditations

The concept of Mindfulness is being spoken of a lot these days… a simple
technique which works wonders for de-stressing - but sometimes it can be hard
to achieve, as so much of the time we are caught up in our heads — thinking
of the past or future, planning, imagining, worrying…

We are pleased to announce that Brenda Louw of ChillOut Yoga will be leading
guided Walking Mindful Meditations in the Kentwell Hall Gardens from Monday
14 July. These Mindful Meditations, suitable for beginners or more
experienced meditators, will help you to enjoy simply being in the moment…
a skill you can develop to take into your daily life…

Mondays (excluding Bank Holidays) 6-7pm from 14 July

Meet at the main gates of Kentwell Hall, and from there we will walk to the

Please note, the times and days will change with the seasons, so be sure to check for updates. The walks are also weather dependent! If you are unsure, please do check to see if the walk is going ahead (call or text on 07791 385240).

The Colours of Home Ed Day

Our Tudor Schools Event concluded with an event dedicated to Home Educators. The Home Ed-ers went all out on costumes with some fantastic outfits heading through the Time Tunnel to the Sixteenth Century. Thanks to Jane Gordon-Chauvet for the following feedback:


The Colours of Home Ed Day!

Thank you for the most wondrous experience. We loved the 6 hours we were there today. Learnt so much (Roman Numerals!). Met some lovely people. A special thanks to the people with whom my children spent time - John and Avis talking to Jamie about Coracle building; Emma and her brilliant musicians, the gorgeous washer ladies (you have a very keen apprentice in the making), the soldiers (for their humour), the fellows at the archery area, the woodsmen (AMAZING!! Hope the p****** newt spoon comes out well)' the fabulous felters and dyers - inspiring and to the children who were totally absorbed in their roles. A huge THANK YOU!!!!! to you ALL!

If you would like to be added to our Home Educators mailing list, please e-mail the Estate Office:

A Visit to Tudor England


Today we welcomed the first of over 8,500 school children to travel through the Time Tunnel and explore life in the Sixteenth Century. Visiting a Kentwell Re-Creation is a memorable experience. Almost all the Kentwell staff, and many of the brides and grooms who choose a wedding at Kentwell Hall, are among the more than half a million who have visited our Tudor Schools Event since the late 1970s.

This year's Great Annual Re-creation, 'Kentwell 1578', started this weekend and we were delighted to receive the following feedback from a Kentwell returnee:

Dear Kentwell,

I first visited Kentwell as part of a School trip in about 1982/3. I loved it
then and today, just over 30 years later, I took my 4 year old daughter and
sceptical husband to see your Tudor recreation. We had a wonderful time - it
was everything I remembered and better - although I do wonder how you can
feel nostalgic about Tudor times! Thank you so much for providing us with a
wonderful family day out and an antidote to all the 'recreations' at other
properties which never, in my view, live up to the Kentwell experience. It
was worth the trip form Norwich and I hope it won't be another 39 years
before we come back.

Fare thee well!
With thanks and best wishes,

Kentwell 1578 is open for the next two weekends with Midsummer Celebrations this coming Saturday & Sunday (14th & 15th) and a grand finale complete with Pageant and Fayre on 28th & 29th June. Don't miss out!

Bernie helps out...

It's all hands to the deck as we prepare for the Great Annual Re-Creation starting on June 14th. Transforming the Manor back to the year 1578 is a tricky task, but never fear, Team Leader Bernie is here!

Bernie-Helps-Out - Kentwell-Hall.jpg

Rumour has it, he'll be overseeing rota duties during the event. Participants, be very afraid! Bernie is a stickler for cleanliness...

Kentwell 1578
Sats & Suns 14th - 29th June

Step back in time and experience a day in the Sixteenth Century


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