Kentwell Through the Ages

Come and enjoy all of our time-periods at one event!

Take a fascinating journey through the fashions, food and entertainments Thru' The Ages with our talented Kentwellies!

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Here's what we are hoping to have for our 2018 event:

From a Neolithic camp to the twentieth century (with a few historical surprises along the way), it is a fantastic event for all the family!

The Neolithics

You never know what you might find in the woods - a shaman, some hunters and some crafts in our earliest re-created period yet!

The Romans

A small camp are checking out Kentwell - will they settle here?

Medieval Cottage

Our original 15th Century Cottage at the Barns will be the centre of our Medieval activities.

Tudor and Elizabethan

Of course, a visit to Kentwell would not be complete without our two main time periods! In the Moat House, the Elizabethans will be hard at work in the bakehouse and dairy. Upstairs you will find the stillroom where lotions and potions are made, and the needlewomen working on their latest wall hangings and The Alchemist will be in his hut. At the Barns, you will find some of our Tudors, engaged on craft activities.

17th Century Music and Dance

The School House building will take you back to the 17th Century, for music and dancing in the style of Playford – the height of English dance!

Victorian Household

Meet the staff and the Governess and her charges. Find out what life was like in 1869.


Find out more about life on the home front during WWI.


The Bright Young Things, under the watchful eye of their Chaperones, while away their time keeping up with the latest 'thing'.


The cooks will be in the Wartime Kitchen, the Home Guard and the Army will be under canvas, the Observer Corps will be scanning the skies and the WVS ladies will be at the wartime cottage!

The 1960s

We appear to have a peace camp... The hippies go with the flow - love and peace is all you need to join them with their crafts, campaigning, chilling ..... and maybe hugging the odd tree.

The 1970s

Orange and beige abound at the 1970s campsite. Can you Do The Hustle? Perhaps a game of Swingball? Or maybe a quick tune on the Stylophone - fun and fashion from the year when Kentwell first opened to the public!

The Punks

Not just Anarchy in the UK – Anarchy at Kentwell too!

...and beyond! Plus a few historical surprises as you travel Thru' The Ages!

All of the above activities run throughout each day.

Delve deeper into the history with our 'Twangs to Bangs - Weapons through the Centuries' demonstration and a multi-period 'Fashion Through the Ages' Show.

A Multi-Period Mash-Up...

The 1976 Campers Go Mad on the Moat...


Please do not think that Kentwell is just a fair weather visit - we carry on whatever the weather. There will be indoor activities and some of our outdoor activities can be moved inside if the weather fails us.

House, Garden & Farm

House, Gardens & Farm will all be fully open this weekend.

How long to spend?

Most people arrive early and aim to spend most of the day here - there is so much to do and see.


We shall be be serving homemade lunches and teas in the Stableyard Restaurant.

There is a picnic site by the Main Gates, with a marvellous view of the house, however we do not allow picnics inside the grounds.

Please do not attend in Costume!

We ask that visitors to any Kentwell event do not attend in any sort of costume.

Tickets and Prices

Special Prices apply for this weekend - please see below. HHA visitors do not enjoy free entry during this weekend.

You don't have to buy tickets in advance and can usually be sure of buying tickets on entry.

No dogs are allowed within the grounds.

Please note: online tickets must be booked before 9am on the day of your visit.

Ticket Prices

TicketPriceOnline Price - must be booked in advance of the day of your visit
Adult Ticket - Kentwell through the Centuries19.2017.28
Senior Ticket (60+) - Kentwell through the Centuries18.2016.38
Child Ticket (5-15yrs) - Kentwell through the Centuries14.2012.78
Family Ticket (2 Adults + 2 Children)65.0058.50
Open on: 
Sat 26 May - Mon 28 May
Open times: 
11am - 5pm
Number of Re-Creation Folk: 
Amount of House open: 
All, 11am to 4pm
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