Spring 2012


We had hoped to Open Gardens & Farm for our Snowdrops at the start of schools' half term on Saturday 11 February 2012. We did not do so as the snow lay deep upon the ground and the snowdrops could not be seen. Also the bitter cold was not conducive to garden visiting. We next hoped to open on Monday 11 February in the expectation of a good thaw over the preceding weekend but that did not happen either so we have postponed opening until Wednesday 15 February in the expectation (hope ?) that the snow will have mostly gone by then and temperatures will have risen. Opening is not as straightforward as some may think ! But we are not complaining. Kentwell looks especially beautiful under snow and on some days recently the light has been awesome. We have enjoyed this burst of harsh weather even if we have not been able to offer it to visitors.

New Tearoom

Meanwhile we have not been idle. We are in touching distance of our new Tearoom being Open. This should enable us to give a much improved service in a much better setting. In time we hope to open it and the connected Garden to those who would like to come here for Lunch or Tea but not go round the Gardens.


We have also created a secret dining club offering surprise evenings for those who want something different. These evenings kick off on 18 February 2012. Its difficult to publicise what we intend for each evening because then there will be no secret but we hope the first evening will set the tone for later ones. Kentwell has such a wide choice of resources for distinct evenings we hope to use different areas to best effect throughout the year. That is if the public take to the 'secret' and unexpected nature of the evenings.

Irish Night - 17 March 2012

In addition we shall be holding occasional themed evenings which will not be so secret. The first of these is an Irish Night to celebrate St Patrick's Day, 17 March 2012. With a tenor to perform some of Count John McCormack's famous songs it should prove an entertaining and lively evening. You don't have to Irish to enjoy it.

More of the Same

We shall have our usual raft of Re-Creations, Tudor, WWII and Victorian, throughout the year. This year we have two challenges. First HM The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - how to invest this appropriately ? We plan to add a day to our usual WWII Re-Creation and have a 'street' tea party for children with a Mad Hatter theme - not very regal but the fun of it is. Secondly, we face the Olympics. Will there be any visitors about ? Or will everyone spend their days glued to their TV sets (if they have not got tickets) ? Should we declare ourselves an Olympics-free zone ? Will our concerts and other performances during this period be as well attended as usual ? Who knows part of life's unexpected charm, maybe.

Anglian Business Green 100

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