Tudor Kentwell 1559 - Pageant

Come join a pageant full of colour, flags and mock battles

The Pageant

This weekend the Tudors enjoy a Pageant including their version of the Battle of Agincourt from 1415. Expect lots of flag waving, colour, noise and merriment. Everyday Tudor life meanwhile, as in 1559, will continue around them.

Step Back in Time

During Tudor Kentwell visitors embark on a time travel experience which takes them back to Tudor times. All about is the Tudor age. Relax into it and spend a day in the 16th Century! Excellent for children but enjoyed by all. Maybe you visited as a schoolchild? Well over half a million schoolchildren have happily done so.

Time Tunnel

Modern life is separated from Tudor Kentwell by our time tunnel which takes you back in time to enter the 16th Century. Once inside everywhere is as it would have been in Tudor times spread over the 40 acres of the Kentwell estate and in our Manor house.

Year Portrayed

Each Re-Creation is set in a different year of the 120 years of the Tudor period. Kentwell's Tudors react to the outside events of that year as if they were actually taking place then. This year will be 1559.

What will visitors see?

More than 200 Tudors (up to 400 at weekends) at any one time creating the dress, speech, food, drink, music, dance, crafts, activities, pleasures and way of life of the chosen year. Visitors feel they have been transported back to a whole 16th C. community in which everyone is dependant upon each other. This is how life actually was not just a series of demonstrations.

Weekend events

Three of our weekends have special events. On 22nd and 23rd June, see the Tudors celebrate midsummer with the burning of a wicker man. The weekend of 29th and 30th June will hold a Pageant expect lots of flags, floats and pagentry. The weekend of 6th and 7th July sees a Tudor Fair with games, challenges, plays, performances, music and dancing.

Catering at Weekends

We provide both 21st Century and 16th Century food (for the adventurous) all made with local ingredients and using our own organically reared rare-breed meat. You are free to picnic outside our time tunnel only.

Opening Days & Times

Tudor Kentwell is open to the public on Saturdays & Sundays and the between 15 June and 7 July 2013 from 11am to 5pm (4pm on the final day). Other days are reserved for pre-booked school parties.

Time to Allow

Most visitors spend at least four hours in the Re-Creation but a large number spend the day here, entering when the event opens and staying until it closes.

School visits

Visit our dedicated schools site for information about visiting Tudor Kentwell as a school group

Buying Tickets in Advance

To take advantage of our advance ticket prices either book online or call the Estate Office on 01787 310207. Tickets are valid for any public day during the entire Tudor Kentwell period (but can be used only once).

Ticket Prices

TicketPriceOnline Price - must be booked in advance of the day of your visit
Adult Ticket - Great Annual ReCreation - Day Ticket£18.00£16.20
OAP Ticket - Great Annual ReCreation - Day Ticket£16.80£15.10
Child Ticket - Great Annual ReCreation - Day Ticket£13.20£11.85
Open on: 
Sat 29 June - Sun 30 June
Open times: 
11am - 5pm
Number of Re-Creation Folk: 
250 costumed 'Tudors'
Amount of House open: 
Part of ground floor only
  • Gentry Singing at Great Annual Re-Creation
  • May Day Procession
  • Tudor High Summer
  • May Day Procession
  • Tudor Parade
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