House opening for first time in 2012

The House opens for the first time in 2012 on Saturday 31st March. Come enjoy our rare tapestries on display for a few weeks only as well as the final weeks of the daffodils and our newborn lambs.

View 16th Century tapestries for a few weeks only

For a few weeks at the beginning of the opening year you'll be able to enjoy our fabulous tapestries which are so delicate that we can hang them for only a short time in order to preserve them from light damage. These tapestries are over 400 years old. The reds, pinks and yellow tend to fade with light exposure so that many early tapestries end up with almost only green and blue. Ours however are still in their full multi-colour glory.

New screens

In addition we have recently acquired a pair of incredible screens which show the coronation procession of Edward VI. They are copies of an original Tudor mural, long since lost. We believe our screens are the only ones outside the Royal collection.

Hosts of daffodils

Then, of course, we have our marvellous drifts of daffodils which delayed by the earlier cold are now in danger of fading under the current heatwave to have an all too short season, so catch them soon.


This year we started lambing later than usual and we shall be in the midst of it for the next fortnight or so. So far over 20 ewes have lambed and they are all outside in the fields with your young ones frolicking in the sunshine. Everyone loves lambs. Don't you?

New tearoom

We have a new tea room which during the year will extend into a new tea garden. The Croft tearoom has already opened for the first time during our garden and farm only days, in time we hope to enable those not wishing to visit the site to at least come and enjoy homemade local food and tea!

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