Lambing live-over 75 lambs already!

Lambs infront of the side of the house

Spring is a time of rebirth, when the countryside wakes up from its winter slumber and new growth leaves our gardens verdant and green. And there is nothing to symbolise spring like lambs!

We have the pleasure at Kentwell of having a large herd of Norfollk Horn sheep so our period of lambing lasts for a good few weeks with a few lambs born every day. Then for the next few months we watch them race around the fields in gangs, climbing on anything they can find and jumping off, their tails twitching with excitement.

Numbers of lambs

We have 80 ewes to lamb this year and over 50 have lambed already, producing 75 lambs between them. We even had a set of triplets which is quite rare for our breed of sheep, Norfolk Horns.

Seeing the lambs

Visitors throughout April will be able to enjoy the lambs frolicking around in the fields. If you are lucky you might even see one being born. Due to the warm weather we haven't had to bring them into the stables this year so the sheep have been giving birth in the fields, just as nature intended.

Feeding the animals

On certain days visitors are able to help with our feed round of the animals. This normally starts at 3pm in the stableyard.

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