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Supranatural Tours to chill the soul and the chance for a  group of up to six persons to spend the night in the Victorian bedroom

The Supranatural* Tour

£15 per head if booked in September • Prices will rise from 1 October

We will start in the Courtyard at 8.30pm.  The outside walk will include: 

The Haunted Tree • The Crying Child • The Crazed Students - part 1 • The Unexplained Great Orb • The Crazed Students - part 2 • The Severed Head • The Face at the Window

Then, we will repair to the Main Dining for a glass of mull to hear:

Tales of Curious Happenings in the House...

Those who are left will move on to visit:

The Great Hall • The Parlour • The Victorian Room

Please wear stout shoes (not boots), clothes to keep you warm and dry and bring a not-very-bright torch.

Please note - pre-booking is essential.  

*What is the difference between supernatural and supranatural?
Supranatural is 'rare' while supernatural is above nature; that which is beyond or added to nature.

The Night Vigil in the Haunted Room

£450 for a maximum of six persons (all to be over 18 years of age) for the overnight vigil, plus £15 per person for the Tour if booked in September • Prices will rise from 1 October

Kentwell's Victorian Room has been known to family members and their servants as the Haunted Room for many years.  

Your group (up to 6 persons including at least one adult of mature years and no-one under 18) will conduct the night vigil in the Haunted Room.  Each person should bring a bedroll or sleeping bag. 
You will be confined in the Haunted Room at about 10.30pm.  Once inside you must stay in the Haunted Room until morning (except for any emergency).
Bats may present in the Haunted Room during the night though this cannot be guaranteed. 
Tea and coffee available through the night.
A full English breakfast will be served at 9.30am in the Stableyard Tearoom.
To book: please call 01787 310805, or email info@kentwell.co.uk
Availability: Fri 1 Oct • Sat 2 Oct • Thu 7  Oct • Fri 8 Oct • Sat 9 Oct • Thu 28 Oct • Fri 29 Oct • Sun 31 Oct

Tickets & prices

Booking for this event is currently unavailable.

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