This summer, we have a whole new way for you to enjoy our amazing Gardens - the KentWellNess Walk.

We have created places where you can pause and enjoy time and space for you, in nature, in the moment, in peace.  There are now sixteen carefully chosen Contemplation Benches, each in a secluded spot, with a special view, and an individual mantra to ponder or meditate on, while you enjoy some peaceful, healing 'me-time'.

Do not feel compelled to 'do' the entire walk in one day - seek out your benches, and enjoy your time at them.  There is no need to rush, you can come back on another day.  Our Gardens are always changing - the views, the light and the birdsong all alter with the seasons.  We will be adding more benches and other KentWellNess ideas as time goes on.

The mantras at each contemplation bench are the writings of the late Buddhist monk and teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and we are fortunate to have the permission of Plum Village Monastery to use them as part of KentWellNess.  Our daughter, a Buddhist Nun at Plum Village, Sister True Dedication, has worked with us and our team to create this new way to enjoy your time in Kentwell's Gardens.  

Take a slow, gentle walk around our beautiful, tranquil gardens.  Sit and be in stillness, enjoying different views, and relax; take time to contemplate - a spa for your soul.

The KentWellNess Walk is open on any of our standard opening days, and is included in a visit to the House and Gardens, or just the Gardens.  If you enjoy the walk and the benches, and you think you may become a regular visitor, please consider buying a Gardens Membership, which will give you free entry to the Gardens on any of our standard opening days, for a little less than the price of two visits.

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