Make history come alive with our fully immersive living history educational events which will captivate your students’ minds and imagination.

Visiting Kentwell with your school will put what you are teaching in the classroom into context.  Breathe extra life into their studies as they experience meeting a rich tapestry of people from the past from High Gentry to lesser sorts with some  hands-on activities spread throughout the Manor from Hall & Gardens to farm & woodlands.

A visit to Kentwell is a truly cross-curricular day out - it's not just history.  Your students will never stop learning as they encounter the language, science, music, dance, pastimes, skills of a lost age whilst themselves immerse in the period during the time they are at Kentwell. It's not just a case of meeting one or two or a handful of acts, but a whole community sometimes amounting to 200 or more interpreters spread throughout the most authentic range of buildings and facilities.  It's a most memorable experience which children may treasure and never forget and for some it will foster later life changing choices

25th, 26th, 27th and 28th June, 2024

Tudor Days

Interactive, hands-on History!

25th, 26th, 27th and 28th June, 2024

Whatever period of history may be studied  from the distant past to about the year 1800 daily life for the majority changed but little. People may have dressed and spoken differently in every period but it's not necessary to experience the precise conditions of a given era to understand the basic concept that life in some respects constantly evolved whilst in many other remained the same.

Your students will experience a fully-immersive hands-on visit where they encounter a community living as if in Tudor times.  They will see  people going about their daily business dressed, talking and behaving as if they were actual figures from the past. A real time-travel experience, at a genuine Tudor Manor. The distinctive feature of a Kentwell Re-Creations is that visiting pupils spend an engrossing three hours or more without a break in the past and may begin to think themselves back in time. The past is a foreign country and for a time children visit it at a Kentwell Re-Creation.

Such total immersion is not available anywhere else.

The Re-Creation  provides unrivalled enrichment for the study of all aspects of past life, from food preparation to  crafts , from longbow archery to music & dance..  Suitable for KS2, KS3 and GCSE students.

"There is nothing that I could have done in the classroom that could have brought history to life like this visit." said a teacher after a recent visit.

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The ultimate time trave

Schools’ History Festival

Over 2,000 years of history in one day

Thursday, 23rd May 2024

The ultimate day of History Time Travel!

Encounter  history from a range of different eras brought to life by 150 or so of Kentwell’s skilled living history interpreters, spread in separate 'pockets' throughout the buildings, gardens, farm and woodlands. Spend a whole day immersed in history at Kentwell and travel through time seeing each separate era or choose to concentrate upon those most relevant to current studies.

An excellent and stimulating combination of history and nostalgia, over 2000 years of history in one place, on one day - only at Kentwell!

Encounter some or more of the following. Not all may be present and there may be other periods represented too.

Neolithic Hunter • Bronze Age Crafts • Roman Surveyors - Viking Warrior - Norman Conqueror- Medieval Cottage • Tudor Domestic Life • 17th Century Music and Dance • 18th C Military Recruiting Party - Regency Emporium - Victorians • Boer War - Edwardian Adventurers • WWI Experience • 1920s 'Young Things' • Suffolk Regiment - WWII Home Front  • 1960s Peace Camp • 1970s Happy Campers • 1980s Punks

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Living in the Past School Tours

School Tours with a difference

Kentwell Hall has the most authentic facilities for showing everyday life in the past. These facilities come alive when peopled by Kentwell's Living Historians.  However those times are necessarily few.  At other times the facilities are there as if their users are momentarily absent and may soon return.. Schools can book a tour round the facilities, which are just as the last user left them..  Kentwell offers two Tours.  

For the Domestic Tour children visit the Duffus (Dovehouse), Moat, Great Hall, Garderobe (Tudor privy), Great Kitchen, Dairy, Bakehouse, Brewhouse, Stillroom, Camera Oscura, Potage, Herbary, Icehouse to end at the Schoolroom.

For the Manor Tour children visit Forge, Stables, Pottery, Foundry, Pigsty, Hovel, Alehouse, Great Barn, Yeoman's Cottage, Woolshed, Dyers, to end in the Schoolhouse.

Days; By arrangement

Times: Usually mornings.

Duration: about 3 hours.



Dates: Available 

Numbers: You book for between 15 and 30 pupils (larger numbers need additional time slots) to enter as a group at a set time (to be strictly adhered to)

Groups need to arrive about 30 minutes before their booked time (to have any snack and visit the WCs) to be sure to enter on time.

Duration: The group stays within the Re-Creation without a break (so as not to disturb the notion of having stepped back in time) for about 3 to 3.5 hours.

NB: Schools when booking coaches should allow a further about 30 minutes after exiting the Re-Creation (for snacks & WC etc)

Costume: Primary aged children should come in costume for which Kentwell provides easy to follow notes for making or adapting or (at worst) cheating

Preparation Materials: Kentwelll provides these for those who book

Booking Process: Call to ascertain date and entry time availability or to make a provisional booking (or bookings)

Deposits: Payable upon returning the Confirmation of Booking Form.

Balances: Payable by return to Kentwell’s issued invoice about a fortnight before booked entry. 

Cost: Call/Email Kentwell for current pricing.


Dates: Weekdays during school terms.

Numbers: 15 to 30 per Tour.

Duration: Tours must finish by Noon. Self guided usually shorter than Guided which take 1.5 to 2 hours.

Costume: Not necessary.

Preparation materials: Limited as for self guided it is assume teachers will visit prior to prepare themselves.

Deposits: Payable upon returning the Confirmation of Booking Form.

Balances: Payable by return to Kentwell’s issued invoice about a fortnight before booked entry. 

Cost: Call Kentwell for current pricing

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